My Day With Grandma

My Day With Grandma

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 The best days are the ones spent with Grandma! This light-hearted children's story is about a little boy named Noah, who absolutely loves it when Grandma visits and spends the day having fun with him. This story takes the reader on a journey of their exciting adventures, from the moment she arrives and their fun adventures throughout the day to the moment when they must say goodbye. A lovable depiction of the bond between a young boy and his grandmother, My Day With Grandma is truly an endearing story from author Reesa Shayne, that will touch the hearts of children, parents, and grandparents everywhere.

Editorial Reviews:

"Outstanding and lovable illustrations will draw children into the book My Day with Grandma, while the story will keep them entertained. After reading this story, you'll want to act out some of the suggestions in this book and add some of your own." - Emily-Jane Hills Orford, Readers' Favorite

"The artist packs a lot of emotion into every page. Author Reesa Shayne has created a loving story to share with parents or grandparents." - Barbara Fanson, Readers' Favorite

"As an adult reading this children's book, it took me back to my childhood and the fond memories I have of my grandmother. The illustrations are also beautifully done and fit perfectly with the storyline. They add to the story and will catch children's attention." - Tiffany Ferrell, Readers' Favorite



Written by Reesa Shayne

Illustrated by Juanita Taylor

target audience 0 to 8 years

Paperback, 32 page

Published November 2021