Journey to the SON: An Unconventional Quest of Mother and Son to Love, Light and Hope

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Carla, an upwardly mobile, successful black woman, determined to be a mother, crosses paths with a beautiful baby boy, Devon. A mother at last, Carla finds joy in her baby-born two months premature to a mother ravaged by drugs and mental instability. At six months, the cruel wheels of justice take Devon away, back to a world of abuse and poverty, locked in the clutches of his birth mother, backed by an unfeeling judicial system. Faced with the choice of letting go or fighting for the son given to her by God--Carla chooses to risk her wealth, her sanity, and her very life to return Devon back to the family they both so desperately deserve.Journey to the Son is not only a discussion about motherhood, but a collection of memories, often painful, held together by a thread of hope. It invites parents from every walk of life and every situation to sit down and chat about the awesome gift they've been given--no matter how unconventional or how long the odds. This mother's story brings to light the power of perseverance and prayer and gives the verse: ..".but with God, all things are possible," a whole new meaning. Sit back and be blessed.

Paperback  / 140 pages

Published January 2019