Gettin' Through Thursday

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Thursday is a difficult day for André, Davis, and Shawna because it is the day before Mama gets paid each week. Money is tight on Thursdays, and if the family runs out of something like toothpaste or soda pop, they have to find a substitute until Friday, when Mama will have the money to buy it. Things are particularly difficult the year André is excelling in Mr. Mitchell’s class. André’s mother has promised a “royal celebration” that very day if any of her children get on the honor roll, and André anticipates this very thing. But then report card day falls on a Thursday! André’s family is delighted when he makes the honor roll, and he hopes against hope that somehow things will be different this week. But as the evening wears on, disappointment sets in when André realizes there will be no celebration that night. Mama promises him a party the next night, but André finds it hard not to be angry about his predicament. As André sulks, Mama, Davis, and Shawna come up with a solution. They hold an imaginary party—with cake and candles and even presents. On the following night, André has his real party with real cake and real gifts. After that things go back to normal, but getting through Thursdays doesn’t seem so hard ever since his imaginary party and the gifts of love he received “that didn’t cost a dime.”

Paperback \ 32 pages \ Interest Grades 1-4

Published by lee&low 2002 (originally published 1998)

Condition: Good