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Mfon Etukudo

"Impossible is just an opinion"



Mfon Etukudo pronounced as M – hmm F – fun is the Author of the Children’s book “An Awesome You”. She earned her Masters degree from Coventry University in United Kingdom. Mfon is an artist with a creative mind that expresses herself through words and music. She is very passionate about God and believes in inspiring children in the love of God. This became the birth of her new book, “An Awesome You”. “An Awesome You” is a book that builds children to see themselves in the eyes of God; believing in themselves and reminds them that we are all children of God no matter how diverse the world is. In this book, she hopes to inspire every child to love everyone despite our different cultures and background and every child has what it takes to succeed.
Mfon currently resides in Texas with her husband and three children. Mfon loves to travel through her non-profit organizations, “Empowerkidz” and “Lead Ch8nge” where she reads to children and creates inspirational music.



An Awesome You book features Ethan, his family and friends and is designed for everyone. It is a reminder to children around the world that they are Awesome and they can become anything they want. This book teaches children how to love and lead.

23 pages
Readers: ages 0-10
Self-Publication date:  March 1, 2020



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