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Marquita Goodluck

marquita goodluck



Marquita Goodluck is a mother and breast cancer survivor who started writing children books due to unfortunate circumstances in her life. Being a mother of three, she needed to find the best way to comfort her children as she encountered tough challenges within her life. Her first book, "I'll be there every day, but in a different kind of way!", was created to prepare her children for the possible loss of a loved one. As her grandmother in law entered a nursing home, she knew it was essential to create an inspirational book that could provide peace and comfort to her children. So, she created " I'll be there every day, but in a different kind of way!" in the image and spirit of her family, children, and her dear Granny. Her second book, "BK's mommy has Breast Cancer", was written to help her children understand and deal with her Breast Cancer diagnosis. Being diagnosed with Breast cancer with young children, she was inspired to write a heartfelt book that could inspire and help children cope with dealing with the journey of Breast Cancer.



BK's mommy has breast cancer



BK's Mommy Has Breast Cancer was written to help a 7 year old boy understand and deal with his mother's Breast Cancer diagnosis. With great understanding and planning, he learns that there are many small ways he can help his mother while she is on her Breast Cancer Journey. He realizes that he can be a friend, entertainer, work out buddy, and caregiver. 

Target audience: 5 - 12 years
Published September 19, 2018 





  • I'll Be There Everyday, but In A Different Kind of Way