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K.D. Hunter

You can go as far as your imagination will take you."



K.D. lives in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with his wife and four kids. He is a network defense analyst by day and author by night. When he is not writing stories, he likes to eat Belgian waffles with maple syrup and make dope music.




An Intergalactic Sci-fly Saga Vol.1: Dominik Dash and the Race to the Center of the Universe

Description: Dominik is a middle school track star famous for his undefeated record and quick-witted southern swag. When strange beings attack him one night after a track meet, he learns his Uncle Mike has been hiding him on Earth from a legion of aliens that killed his parents. To make matters worse, Dominik discovers he is the hereditary guardian of a powerful instrument. This responsibility requires him to defeat Manik, an extraterrestrial madman with aspirations to dominate the universe and an evil alien army backing him.

He begins training for the fight of his life with a mysterious tutor, Zane, a shape-shifter with questionable loyalties. Before he leaves to confront Manik, however, Zane reveals that Dominik's mother, once believed to be dead, is alive and being held in a distant space prison. Determined to save her at any cost, Dominik steals an RV-turned-spaceship and blasts off on his adventure aided by two friends. With the added detour of saving his mom stacked atop already impossible odds, Dominik wonders if he can save the universe and make it back to Earth in time to keep his winning streak alive.

338 pages
Age range: Middle grade fiction (8-12y.o)
Self published January 3, 2020 






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