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Julieann T. Randall


Julieann T. Randall was born in Kingston, Jamaica, raised in the Bronx, New York and currently resides in New Jersey. She obtained her degree from city college (CUNY).

Although she plays with numbers daily as an accountant, she is also the author of Jade's Journey: The Newness. Her character, Jade moves from Memphis, Tennessee to NYC. She's coping with many transitions; new state, new home, new school, but yet no new   friends. This young readers' book tackles various themes   from bullying, friendships, coping and adjusting to new environments, and being receptive to new cultures. Jade's Journey is currently available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and is implemented into two middle schools' curriculum.

As a passionate literacy advocate and youth empowerment speaker; Julieann founded Finding the JEMS (Joint Educational Movement Soldiers) to shine a light on literacy and make reading a priority. Forming an army of relentless soldiers focused on higher education to support literacy development, Julieann sees it as her duty to introduce underprivileged children to their right to literacy by exposing them to literature and educational programs they are normally not awarded.

Julieann is here to inspire, motivate and empower the youth through her Beyond the Bridge Transitional Program where she speaks with students entering middle school. The goal is to have conversations on their concerns and expectations in order to prepare them for what's to come and aiding them to maneuver through middle school confidently. She also mentors young girls with her Polished Diamonds Workshops teaching them the 4Cs of Self-Esteem all while discussing themes in conflict resolution, friendships, body image, and more.

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”. Julieann believes being an advocate for literacy and a youth empowerment speaker are her divine assignments. She suggests, we are all superheroes and possess our own "super-powers". These powers are our skills, talents, passion, and strengths. She has discovered many of her powers and is still uncovering more as she adjusts her cape.



Jade is a vibrant eleven year old that moves from a small town in Memphis, Tennessee to the Big Apple reluctantly. Quickly she acknowledges major differences to realize nothing is the same.

She becomes homesick for a place to call home after leaving all she once knew behind. Now she must start a new journey on roads unknown. Jade went from being the popular kid with trophies and admiration to landing in an overcrowded city but feeling lost, alone, and out of place.

Like any kid, the first day of school is a big deal. As this momentousness day is approaching, Jade is filled with excitement yet anxious to make new friends. Come along on the journey with her to see how she adjusts to her new life in New York.

Will she bite the sweet apple and enjoy it or will she toss it?

Target audience: 7-12 years
Published August 2018





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