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Jenny Delacruz

Jenny Delacruz



Jenny Delacruz is a Haitian-American new writer who has always loved reading growing up. Born and raised in New York, she was aware of the importance of diversity and how each person has a story that weaves back to generations. She personally appreciates the four elements of hip hop, learning languages, and is a certified yoga instructor.

Jenny fell in love with history at Buffalo State College, where she graduated with a B.A in Psychology and minored in African & African-American History. After graduating with a Masters in Counseling from Philadelphia Biblical University (now Cairn University), Jenny became more aware of how the books children read help them make meaning about themselves.



For the sixth grade students in Ms. Mélange’s class, Friday is the best day of the week. Because that’s the day Ms. Mélange takes them on a new adventure through world history, exploring the past and how it reflects our present.

In this delightful history book, Ms. Melange takes her students through the tumultuous, often ignored origins and cultural impact of Haiti. Tackling their fight of independence and the country’s struggles thereafter, Fridays with Ms. Melange provides a nuanced, thoughtful look at history that celebrates Haiti’s unique culture and diverse heritage.

Fridays with Ms. Melange: Haiti is the first in author Jenny Delacruz’s fantastic new series blending history and culture with a clever, kid-friendly twist. Meanwhile, illustrations from Danko Herrera celebrate diversity and cultural identity on each page. These books are designed to help young students explore their world and learn critical thinking skills when encountering new concepts and vocabulary notes.

Learn about Haiti’s rich culture and past along with Ms. Melange’s class in a brand-new series exploring diversity and adversity throughout history.






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