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Jenny Delacruz

Jenny Delacruz



Jenny Delacruz is a Haitian-American writer and a licensed counselor who has always loved reading growing up. Born and raised in New York, she was aware of the importance of diversity and how each person has a story that weaves back to generations. She personally appreciates the four elements of hip hop, learning languages, and is a certified yoga instructor.

In her counseling practice, Jenny specializes in family conflicts, trauma, grief and parenting issues. Jenny is also a philanthropist who advocates for human rights; her work focuses on promoting diversity. Her passion for teaching her children about world history and current events led her to pursue writing and launch her own educational children’s book series.

If you want more of Jenny Delacruz’s work, check out her first book, Fridays with Ms. Mélange: Haiti. She has a YouTube channel called Storytime with Ms. Mélange where she reads diverse children’s books aloud. You can also visit her online at "




Momma, Can I Sleep with You Tonight? Helping Children Cope with the Impact of COVID-19

"I just want to tell myself that COVID-19 is not real!"


"Trust me son, I do too."


How do you talk to your child about their very real fears? How do you make it better when the world changes into something unrecognizable? When her child can't sleep and things look bleak, this Momma knows exactly what to do.

Children's author Jenny Delacruz, author of the Fridays With Ms. Mélange series, tackles the tough topics of talking to your kids about a pandemic while calming any panic or fear. As viral outbreaks like COVID-19 become a real fear for many people around the globe, Momma, Can I Sleep with You Tonight? offers a compassionate look at social distancing and how it affects our children. Following the story, Jenny provides psychoeducation about the major stages of grief and how it manifests in the behavior of children. Tools and resources are shared to equip you with how to begin the journey of processing grief with children.

This all-ages storybook is designed to soothe, comfort, and explain hard topics without leading kids into even more stress. It's the perfect picture book to read with your child to help them understand and work through their confusion, fear, and even anger at the things they cannot do right now.  





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