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Emily Joof

Before motherhood all I did was scribble, my children gave my writing purpose. I am an author because they are my story



I am a multicultural storyteller with a passion for inclusion. I love stormy days and sunflowers and currently live in Sweden.

I write books with a focus on diversity and also work as an Education Advisor in the development sector.
I have lived in 5 countries and speak English, French, Wolof, Swedish and good enough Spanish.  
I started writing when my children challenged me to find them stories based on their experiences as children from the african diaspora. They wanted to see  pictures and hear stories of home in west africa, stories with brown-skin children like them playing in the snow.   Stories where children speak several languages and live across cultures.  
I write because representation matters and our stories need to be told.  





Title: Our Favourite Things. The Story of Home in The Gambia and Sweden.

Our Favourite Things is a vivid and engaging story of discovery and love. 

We meet a Gambian-Swedish family who give the reader a glimpse of both worlds that they call home. The book offers glimpses of life in Sweden and Gambia. From the magical fields in Gotland to the calm lagoon in Makasutu, the story brings to life the taste of domoda and köttbullar (swedish meatballs) and so much more. 

This is the story of one family, who like millions globally, have more than one home, more than one culture, more than one native tongue. As children grow and search for a space where they belong, this book can serve as a reminder and celebration that you can exist in more than one space.

A unique story which presents the idea of Home as more than a place. 

A powerful picture book that celebrates multiculturalism.  

Watch the book trailer here: 

Age:  3-6 years
Number of pages: 34
Self Publication Date : 9th august 2020





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