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De'Kari Beckum

"Not by age but by knowledge is wisdom acquired."



De'Kari, author of Gorillaz In the Bay series, is a promising author whose work is nothing short of amazing. De’Kari’s work provides readers with an authentic glimpse into street life. He currently writes urban fiction but plans to cross over to other genres.

The author was born and raised in Northern California.

The author experienced a challenging childhood. Riddled with abuse, neglect and witnessing violence first-hand, De’Kari’s early years were dark and pained. Due to the dysfunction that surrounded him, he was often uprooted and moved from place to place. After various placements with relatives, he found himself in foster care. He eventually turned to the streets, which consequently led to a lot of bad choices. In turn, those bad choices led to incarceration.

There is more to this author than the street-life. He always had a love for writing. In school he excelled in creative writing. He would always live-out the story as he was writing. Through his most difficult times, he used writing to escape from his surroundings.

In additional to writing, he creates poetry, writes songs and does artwork. He loves spending time with family, fishing, sports and helping youth.

He is happy that he is finally able to share his writing with others, putting his passion to work




Gorillaz In The Bay Book Series (books 1-4)

Pages range from 226-315,  publication dates 2018-2019, ages 21-up
Lockdown Publications, traditionally published



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