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Crystal Gailliard



Crystal Gailliard has had a wild imagination since childhood which was fostered by her encouraging parents. They told her that she could do whatever she wanted to try to do. So, she decided to start a children's book series.




Does your child dream of exploring Africa or jetting off into outer space? Do they imagine themselves in new and exciting adventures with their friends and family? If your child has a lively imagination, they’ll find the excitement and whimsy they crave in The Adventures of Quentin by Crystal Gailliard. In this unique series, your children will experience the thrill of exploring new worlds while learning about complex topics like family relationships, disabilities, and differences. Suitable for children aged one to ten, The Adventures of Quentin also helps young readers navigate school, change, and making new friends.

The Adventures of Quentin is a book series that follows the life of a fearless and overly imaginative kid named Quentin. As Quentin’s young mind works overtime, his interactions with family and friends always seem to take an unexpected turn. Regardless of the fun he has, Quentin always manages to learn something along the way. Vibrant illustrations by Shane Murray will take your child on a wild adventure with their new favorite characters. No day in the life of Quentin is an ordinary one, and his adventures will inspire your children to create their own. Have fun taking daydream excursions with Quentin and turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. Quentin’s imagination, full of wonder and delight, is what carries him into new worlds as he’s eager to learn and explore the world through his own eyes. Quentin’s Grandfather has disabilities, but to Quentin, this is what makes him a super-hero.

Tag along as they blast off into space on his Grandfather’s super-hero chair in The Adventures of Quentin: My Super Grandpa. In this unique story, Quentin learns about his Grandpa’s disability and explains it in a way that only a child could. Quentin keeps young readers on their toes, while teaching the importance of family and friends.

Follow Quentin and his dad as a trip to the zoo turns into an African safari in The Adventures of Quentin: Quentin the Great. Quentin loves his family and friends and is always excited to bring them along on his great excursions. Boys and girls alike will be inspired to keep up with Quentin’s latest adventure and let their own imaginations run wild. The Adventures of Quentin are the perfect books to read before bed and send your child off into dream land with Quentin.

Target audience: toddler - 10 years of age
Published June 3, 2019 


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