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Carmen Rubin



When she was a child, she used to say, “I’ll be a teacher or lawyer when I grow up.” However, the happiest moments in her life were spent traveling to worlds beyond where the young girl was living at that present time. In the back of her mind, she knew that writing could take her wherever she wanted to go. The “Letters to God” would prove that to be true. She has journeyed to far-away places: here, there, and everywhere…mostly within herself.

Writing for children gave the now grown woman back her childhood and has put smiles on the faces of many. She has landed the gig of a lifetime. That is, to become a nationally recognized children’s book author named Carmen Rubin.

Carmen is the author of several children’s books and animated children’s programs. For decades, the Rutgers graduate and former teacher has used her voice to empower youth, promote literacy, and reinforce the importance of keeping music in elementary schools. She has worked diligently to bring diversity and inclusion into education – allowing children to see themselves in one way or the other in her work.

The author’s signature stamp is peppermints hidden throughout her stories. The peppermints are inspired by Carmen’s grandfather, a minister, who created the Peppermint Candy Club. It is a club where he passed out peppermints and called kid to action to be kind and show love to others. As she reads across America, Carmen continues to spread her grandfather’s message. When they see peppermints in the books, they are reminded to show love!

In 1999, Carmen founded a non-profit organization, One Blue Village, which assists underprivileged high school students in furthering their education. She has supported programs such as Dwyane Wade’s, Wade’s World Foundation, the YMCA, Sesame Street, Determined to Educate, Boys and Girls Club of America, Geoffrey Canada’s Harlem Children’s Zone, and Reading is Fundamental (RIF). Carmen has collaborated with Grammy award winning Jazz artists/musicians, like Al Jarreau, to promote literacy, and was acknowledged by former First Lady, Michelle Obama for her book, Ashti Meets Birdman Al – the story of a young girl who, with the help of Birdman Al, helped save a school’s music program. Children love the entertaining scat and be-bop that she performs when she visits them. Carmen has discussed her literacy efforts on television, radio, and news media outlets. Books are currently available in major bookstores and libraries, and have spread as far as Beijing, China.

When the author is not traveling to read to children across the country, she partners with Barnes and Noble donating thousands of books to communities world-wide that have been affected by natural disasters and volunteers her time at local libraries.

In 2018, a middle-school library in Houston, Texas created a literacy lounge in Carmen’s honor for her contribution of books after Hurricane Harvey. She resides in New Jersey and enjoys reading, spending time with family, listening to music, and watching people dance.





While other pigs are happy to reside in all the mud’s yuck, Honcho wants something different on the farm. Some days you can find the spunky little pig daydreaming about hopping on planes and standing in buildings that touch the sky. Other days, the mud is working hard at getting the best of her. Whatever the case, everyone knows that the pearl-wearing pig is the perfect one for the big job!

Target audience: 4-8 years of age

Published September 2018 





  • Ashti Meets Birdman Al
  • The Gifted Guitar 









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