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I teach boldness, pride, surety, and self-respect. The most important thing for me is self-knowledge because without it you don’t know where you’re headed. As I write under the name Boldlyloc’d, I infuse the love of art, history, and culture, with writings to help individuals seek the will to do and be a better person each and every day.





2 Sisters 1 Path is the first book in BoldlyLoc'd Journey Series. Within its cover, you walk with the author as she speaks of her and her sister’s spiritual journey of leaving her life long church. The spiritual path she begins to take starts her journey on a path that allows the Torah to be her guide. During the family trials and trails, she tries to understand the times she’s in, but never foresaw her and her sister’s journey taking them out of their religious system.

In the first installment of this beautiful series, the words will breathe power and life into those who have become weary on this journey of life from the sharing of her deep and intimate moments. Everyone has trials and triumph that could destroy or be the cause of mending the soul given by our creator. This will be a book full of purpose that will bring understanding to times that are filled with destinations that are unknown.

The Journey Series is filled with overcoming!

A lot of us live life with no end in mind. What if we did it differently? What if we intentionally lived life with our desired ending in mind? This book helps align our purpose with our desires of a much better way of living. All spiritual backgrounds will be moved by the words of the author, whether Christian, non-believers or still finding yourself. If anyone has ever felt lost or questioned where they were headed, this is the book that will allow you to recognize that you are not alone and will open you up to many lessons that may cross your paths.

Target age: 21+
122 pages
Publication date : July 2019