About us

Hi, I'm Shionka - owner, creator, bookseller

In 2016 my children and I sat and brainstormed for what is now called Mocha Books. Mocha Books launched in the summer of 2017 as an online and pop up bookshop to highlight everyday Black stories, imagination and joy in literature.

OUR VALUES: Literacy, Community and Representation.

OUR MISSION: To change the narrative and amplify Black characters, stories and voices in literature.

The ultimate goal of Mocha Books is to serve our community through a mobile bookstore and resource. 

March 2017 Mocha Books was created.

Summer 2017 Mocha books launched online.

August 2018 - December 2020 bookstore and reading room in Tulsa, OK. 

August 2021 - returned online 

March 2022 - We're back! visit our Micro bookstore in Tulsa, OK.

Mobile Mocha Books is coming soon! 




A circle with a book in the middle. words surrounding the circle are Mocha Books Est. 2017