Hey L'il D: Take The Court (book 2)

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L'il D loves watching his dad play basketball every Sunday at the park. He knows that someday he'll be a star shooter, too — and he practices all the time. But when his sworn enemy takes over the school court at recess, L'il Dobber and his friends have nowhere to play. L'il D is torn. He wants to play his favorite sport, but also to follow his dad's example of good sportsmanship. As he struggles to do what's right, L'il Dobber realizes that before his days of b-ball glory, he's got a lot to learn about sportsmanship, being a team player, and that big word his dad is always using — respect.

Little Apple shoots and scores with this new early chapter book series loosely based on NBA all-star Bob Lanier's childhood adventures!

Paperback, 67 pages, grades 3-5, 

Condition: Like New