Updates to Mocha Books

Updates to Mocha Books

Affiliate links

As of May 17, 2018 Mocha Books, LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn advertising fees by advertising and links to Amazon.com

This decision not only helps to provide you with a variety of books on a larger scale, but the SMALL percentage that Mocha Books receives from qualifying purchases will be used towards our young girls bookclub, local events, services and other resources. 

Here's examples of what it may look like

For Mocha Books purchases

When you are making a purchase through Mocha Books, the box will be solid with no wording. 
For purchases made through Amazon
When you are making a purchase via amazon it will be indicated. Once you click view Amazon and are ready to complete your order you will checkout on Amazon's website.



The search bar has been added to the menu button, as well as the header. After reading feedback from supporters it was decided that making this available provides a more enjoyable experience when looking for books or other information.

If you have any question on the changes made to the website please send an email to mochabooks@gmail.com or use the contact button. 
I hope that the changes that have been made meets your literacy needs. 
Thank you for your support!  


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