Taylor Moxey: Young author & entrepreneur


[Picture above Via Moxey's Instagram]

On November 27th Taylor Moxey and community celebrated the grand opening of her third mini library. The first (2015) is located in the Bahamas and the second (2017) in Omni Park, Fl.

At the young age of 8 Taylor began her journey with a cupcake business. She has since gone on to write her first book, The Adventures of Taylor The Chef, and create a foundation,  The Taylor Moxey foundation. "The ‘Taylor Moxey Foundation’ was created to empower, educate and endow young girls and boys, with the necessary tools to become civic-minded entrepreneurs and leaders." [Via Moxey's website]

[Picture above via Moxey's Instagram]

This young author, entrepreneur,  and philanthropist shows us that you can do anything at any age. You not only have to want it, but believe in it. 

Congratulations to Taylor and her team. Follow Taylor and stay updated on her journey.

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