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    Remind youth (or anyone) that it is okay to be curious about the differences you see in others, but that there is an understanding and compassionate way of doing so.

    THEMES: Family, friendship, bullying, peer pressure, problem-solving.

    LESSON: Trust and communication are key in this story as it is in life. 

  • BOOK REVIEW | Jade's Journey: The Newness

    The big conflict of it all is that not only does she have to move to a new state and home away from everything she's ever know, she's having trouble making friends. 
  • Book Review : Daddy, Did You Hear The News?

    In this book, Sanya continues to reach even her youngest readers on challenging topics with its rhythmic pattern of storytelling. This duo (author, Sanya Whittaker Gragg MSW and Illustrator, Kim Holt) is courageously continuing to bring forth children's literature that spark positive conversation on tough topics (such as bullying and police brutality) between adults and children - or even their peers. 
  • |Book Review| Listening WIth My Heart

    Esperanza was a great friend to others, but struggled with being that great friend to herself. This is similar to the belief that people can give great advice, but tend to sway when it comes to themselves. Why is that? The focus on Esperanza's heart-shaped rock was vital because it reminded me that we are met with signs in our everyday life. These signs provide us with the opportunities to practice what is needed in our lives; patience, self-compassion, bravery, etc. 
  • |Book Review| Zachary Goes To School

    It's important to let children know that it is okay to be nervous but, to also encourage them to be optimistic about new challenges. 
  • Book Review: Momma, Did You Hear The News?

    This book is a tough one. Not a tough one to get through, but heavy on the heart. I have an 11 year old son myself and I understand firsthand how necessary it is to have "the talk". 
  • Book Review - Madame C.J. Walker's Road To Success

    As you have read from the title, this book was about Madame C.J Walker and her journey. What I like about this story is that the author gave an in ...