Is print going out of style? Ebooks vs. Print

In a world where nearly everything is ran by an electronic device, you'll still find me among the print. 

This will be short and to the point. I took to social media to ask one question. "Do you prefer Ebook or print?" Out of the very short list of those who chose to answer, most preferred print. Personally; I can't enjoy a good book without knowing how it feels, what it physically looks like, or even the smell of a book. It all puts me in a joyful place. 

Here is a list of some pros and cons for both. This is strictly my opinion. 


Print Pros

  • You can always "cuddle up with a good book." - I find it rather odd to cuddle up with a tablet. 
  • You get the feel of the book. 
  • Highlighting and note taking are always a plus.
  • If you're a book collector as I am, there's something about looking at your bookshelf (or wherever you keep them) and just knowing that they are there to reread as many times as you want. - Again, you can do this with an ebook but ...just not the same. 
  • As a mom, I enjoy watching my daughter's grab a book for the night so that I can read her a bedtime story. You can't top that.

Print Cons

  • You cant change the size of the font . Honestly this is about it, I got nothing else. haha
  • Ok, one more. The cost of print can be a bit steep. 

Ebook Pros

  • They're inexpensive.
  • You can download and read them instantly without ever having to leave your home.
  • You can change the font.

Ebook Cons

  • You get a glare from the screen.
  • You have to keep it charged
  • You can't really call yourself a book collector. 
  • There's always that pesky thing about technology where your information can be wiped out at any time. 






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