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Banned book week is about celebrating the freedom to read, to think, to create, and to discover. As an educator, youth worker and avid reader I wouldn't be a responsible member of my community if I did not add that, while I encourage reading, I also encourage you to be aware of what you are reading. Not all books hold the truth. Research, research, research. Some of the books that are being challenged are not meant to be taken as seriously as they are. For instance, Charlotte's Web. Lighten up! 

 You'd be surprised to find that some books that are banned/challenged are some of your favorites and even some that are in your home. Here are a couple.


Harry Potter Series

Reason - viewed as satanic and full of witchcraft. Top 100 books banned 2000-2009 

I have yet to read this book, but I know a lot of children who do. My son doesn't fancy the book but we do have most of the movies. 


Captain Underpants Series


Reason - offensive language and not suited for young children. Made the top ten ban in 2013.

Hmmm, my 7 year old daughter read one of these books last night. Oops



I was also very surprised to find out that Maya Angelou is name one of the most banned authors in the U.S. Most frequently is I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, an autobiography on the authors life.  What? Also titles, Beloved and The Color Purple have been on the ala ban list a time or two. See any similarities? 

Most often these books are being banned by parents to get them out of the schools and the libraries. Overall, we need "banned" books because they teach us about the world around us. How our are children supposed to react appropriately to society if they don't know what's going on? If they don't know what's out there, other than what is taught at home. You are taking away their ability to think critically and sometimes creatively. I for one, am not challenging your authority to be the best parent you can be by protecting your children. What I am challenging is their right to know and to learn. Read about it, talk about it. 

Check out these instagram post about banned books. 

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