End of The year Countdown Crafts & Activities!

End of The year Countdown Crafts & Activities!

About 3 years ago (maybe four) I started a countdown to Christmas activity and craft list with my kiddos that started the day of Thanksgiving. Last year, I wasn't sure if I wanted to celebrate or not because it's not Christmas that I care to celebrate, but all of the fun activities that take place around this time of year. We've had the No Santa talk for the last 2-3 years and no matter what my 8 year daughter chooses to believe. So who am I to take that away from her? I want her to keep her innocence, imagination and creativity for as long as her heart desires. So this year... yeap, we're celebrating!!

Usually, I will set it up in a fun way. For instance, one year I wrote our activities in envelopes and the kiddos had to find where I was hiding it and then open it. Another year I wrote them on pieces of paper and placed them in a jar and they took turns pulling the activity from the jar. I'm kind of stumped on this year and I have no time to create one! Ahhhhh! I would hate to do it the old fashioned way and just write it on our family calendar, but we may just end up doing just that. 

Here's a list of crafts and activities that we may participate in this year. Some are just listed for you :) 

Crafts and activities that anyone can do 

  1. Donate Toys and books
  2. Read holiday/winter themed books 

  1. Volunteer as a family - We usually visit and volunteer on our Food bank family night, but we missed registration this year - bummer! 
  2. Put up Christmas Tree
  3. Pick a card from the salvation army angel tree
  4. Hang up stockings, decorations
  5. Create a 2017 ornament and place on the tree
  6. Create a Kwanzaa chain link - Red, Green and black construction paper. cut into strips and connect together to create a chain. 
  7. Make Holiday cards for friends, family and community helpers (I.E mail person)
  8. Christmas tree Slime - I found this recipe
  9. Indoor holiday camp out by the tree
  10. Cookie decorating party
  11. Gingerbread house decorating - instead of buying the set that you may see in the stores I use small milk cartons, graham crackers, candy and icing. Easy peasy.
  12. The Santa Clause movie marathon - not really a fan of #3 but movie marathons are just super fun. 
  13. Phone call Christmas caroling - we've only done this activity once. Call friends and family and once they say their greeting, start singing! We only had one hangup the 1st time we done this.
  14. Make snow globes - Simple steps. mason jar with lid, glycerin (can be found in healthy and beauty section in stores), glitter, small object, hot glue gun. OR tape a picture inside the jar. That works too! 

  1. Holiday Scavenger hunt - You can go around town and look for items or inside the house. The house may be easier for the little ones. 
  2. Marshmallow building - marshmallows and toothpicks

  1. Barnes and Noble story time - Dec 23rd (check with your local B&N for correct date) Santa's Magic Key
  2. Make homemade ice cream - I use the Ice cream in a bag recipe. Super fun and super COLD! Don't forget the gloves!! 
  3. Home Alone movie marathon - besides seeing the Christmas lights, this is my FAVORITE holiday activity and there's a movie pack of all 5 on sale at walmart...or was. 
  4. Make snow - While homeschooling, and even now, I try to incorporate learning without it really looking like learning - fun learning! So one year we tried a couple ways to make snow, because we definitely weren't getting any! 

Activities in my town

  1. Kwanzaa celebration - library event December 26th
  2. Narnia Winter Wonderland party - library event December 9th
  3. Watch the Nutcracker ballet - this will be a mommy/daughter date. My son went once and he's not interested any longer so i'll be finding a mommy/son event or activity for us to do, maybe a hockey game.
  4. Christmas Lights at Rhema - absolutely beautiful! I will be posting pictures on our Instagram page

  1. Winterfest - another favorite of mine. I can't skate to save my life, but the kiddos enjoy it. 
  2. Philbrook Festival - Each Friday in December there is lights, hot cocoa, live music, activities, etc. lots of fun! We may also attend the Elf showing, not quite sure about that because we do have the DVD at home. 
  3. Kringles Christmas Land - Located inside the Promenade mall. A mini Santa's little workshop.  
  4. Lantern Light festival - This event takes place in other locations as well. 
  5. Tulsa Childrens museum - We have free tickets from the library summer reading program that expires at the end of the month.
  6. Tulsa Air & Space Museum - We have free tickets from the library summer reading program that expires at the end of the month.

I would absolutely love to have a snowball "fight" or go sledding, but we haven't really had snow the last two years. Cross your fingers for snow, Tulsa!!


Have you participated in any of these activities before? Plan to do them this year? Have an activity or craft that your family will do, or students that I don't have posted? Please share! Have a wonderful and joyous holiday season. 31 days left in this calendar year. What are your plans? 


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