|Book Review| Doc Like Mommy

{Disclaimer: I was given the book in exchanged for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own or that of my children} 



Most often when you ask little girls who or what they want to be when they grow up they will reply, "a princess!!" or "just like mommy". In this bright, high resolution illustrated picture book I got a sense that it was more like mommy and not so much the doc like mommy. So sweet! 
I love that it shows the relationship between working mothers and their relationship with their families. How a family can still thrive as a loving environment even though mommy is busy, but never too busy for her little ones. I shared this before in another review, but the rhyming! oh how I love it so. It gets the little readers attention. 
Pay attention to the hidden, not so hidden pictures in this book. There is a picture of a certain astronaut that I did not not catch until I read the book a second time. It was awesome - representation matters!. Let me know if you catch it :) 
Overall, this book had all the feels that one feels when they are a parent, especially a mother. Was the perfect bedtime story for my daughter. 
This book is recommended for ages 5 - 8 

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