25 Children's Books That Celebrate Hair

Over the last two year I have come across an amazing list of children's books These books are written by black authors and beautifully illustrated, highlighting the beauty of hair. I've sat down to compile a list of 25 children's books that celebrate hair, that you may be interested in adding to your home library or classroom. 

Hair Love 

Hair Love Matthew Cherry 25 black books that celebrate hair

Matthew Cherry

Zuri’s hair has a mind of its own. It kinks, coils, and curls every which way. Zuri knows it’s beautiful. When Daddy steps in to style it for an extra special occasion, he has a lot to learn. But he LOVES his Zuri, and he’ll do anything to make her — and her hair — happy. Tender and empowering, Hair Love is an ode to loving your natural hair — and a celebration of daddies and daughters everywhere.


My Curly Perfection (Indie Pub)

my curly perfection 25 black books that celebrate hair

Chelsetia Davis

"My Curly Perfection" is a story about a young girl who struggles to accept her hair texture. This book seeks to empower girls with curls to embrace their curl patterns.


The Girl With The Magical Curls (Indie Pub) 

the girl with the magical curls, 25 black books that celebrate hair

Evita Giron

What happens when a curious girl doesn't follow the rules and uses an entire bottle of magical hair growth oil on her curls? Hoping it will make her tresses lengthy and firm like Rapunzel's, little does she know her curly ringlets magically grow overnight! Read The Girl With The Magical Curls to find out what adventures Tatiana gets into with her new big hair responsibilities!


What Are You Gonna Do With That Hair

What are you gonna do with that hair, Ndija Anderson-Yantha, 25 black books that celebrate hair

Ndija Anderson-Yantha 

Everyone knows Zuri as “the girl with the puffy hair.” Her afro is big and fluffy, and not even gravity can keep it down. People often ask her, “What are you gonna do with that hair?” Zuri finds the answer in her cultural hair-itage and shows she can sculpt and shape her curls and coils into beautiful works of African art—braids, ‘locks, bantu knots—in other words, whatever she wants! This illustrated non-fiction book encourages Black girls to celebrate the beauty and versatility of their natural hair and learn the rich history of natural hairstyles.


My Curly Coily Crown (Indie Pub) 

my curly coily crown, 25 black books that celebrate hair

Darcel Craft

Join Yana as she celebrates the divine beauty and versatility of her curly, coily crown! Young Readers will learn to embrace and celebrate their hair, in its naturally curly, coily, and kinky glory! Encouraging and uplifting, each page highlights the joy of rocking a curly, coily crown!


My Hair Is A Garden 

my hair is a garden, cozbi a cabrera, 25 black books that celebrate hair

 Cozbi Cabrera

After a day of being taunted by classmates about her unruly hair, Mackenzie can’t take any more and she seeks guidance from her wise and comforting neighbor, Miss Tillie. Using the beautiful garden in the backyard as a metaphor, Miss Tillie shows Mackenzie that maintaining healthy hair is not a chore nor is it something to fear. Most importantly, Mackenzie learns that natural black hair is beautiful.


Big Hair, Don't Care 

 big hair dont care, crystal swain bates, 25 black books that celebrate hair

Crystal Swain-Bates 

Lola has really really REALLY big hair, much bigger than the other kids at her school. Despite her hair blocking the view of anyone that dares sit behind her and causing her to lose at hide and seek, she sings the praises of her big hair throughout this rhyming picture book. Designed to boost self-esteem and build confidence, this beautifully illustrated book is perfect for any girl or boy who has ever felt a bit self-conscious about their hair and may need a reminder from time to time that it's okay to look different from the other kids at their school. 


Crown: An Ode To The Fresh Cut

crown an ode to the fresh cut derrick barnes 25 black books that celebrate hair

Derrick Barnes

Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut is a high-spirited, engaging salute to the beautiful, raw, assured humanity of black boys and how they see themselves when they approve of their reflections in the mirror.


Getting To Know My Real Curls  (Indie Pub) 

getting to know my real curls 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Often, too many dark, brown, Black and chocolate skinned girls have low self-esteem about their perfectly given natural hair; so the author Trina and her daughter, Grace, wanted this book to be a reminder that their hair is beautiful just the way it is. Join Trina and Grace in this journey!


Hair Like Mine 

hair like mine 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Latashia M. Perry 

Hair Like Mine is a fun and easy read following a little girl who doesn't like that her naturally curly hair looks different from the other kids around her. On her quest to find someone with hair like hers, she soon realizes we are all unique and special in our own way.


Amina Arnae & Her Poofy Hair 

amina arnae and her poofy hair, d lovitt, 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

D. Lovelitt

Caring for natural hair can be a tough task. At Jackson Elementary School in rural Georgia, seven year old Amina Arnae is devastated when she is teased about her "poofy hair". She must trek through the country-side in order to seek counsel from her Auntie to "fix" her hair problem. Along the way, she befriends 


The Curly Hair Club (Indie Pub) 

the curly hair club Saccheen Laing 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Saccheen Laing

The Curly Hair Club is the story of one girl named Carly, who struggles to love her natural hair. Carly not only overcame her struggles, but she allowed other girls like her to fall in love with their natural hair as well.


Kechi's Hair Goes Every Which Way

keechis hair goes every which way, 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Tola Okogwu

Kechi’s hair is big, thick and loud … and that’s just the way she likes it. Mummy’s away and it’s up to Daddy to get Kechi and her hair ready for school. There’s just one problem… he doesn’t know how!Fun and hilarity ensue as Daddy tries to tame Kechi’s swirly-springy, fluffy-puffy, squishy-squashy, candyfloss curls.



hair, angela c styles, 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Angela Styles

Keely hates her hair. She just wants to fit in with everyone else at school, but she can't. Her big puffy hair is too kinky, too big, and too out of place. Keely is frustrated, and it s finally time to tell Mom just how frustrated she is! But Mom knows a secret about Keely s hair that Keely doesn t know. Will her secret be enough change Keely's mind?


When Mama Braids My Hair

when mama braids my hair, monique duncan, 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

When Mama Braids My Hair captures a young girl s experience of having her hair braided and the bond it creates with her mother. The tradition of African hair braiding is more than just a Sunday routine. Come join Nikki on an adventure as she is transformed into an Egyptian queen, a Nigerian goddess, a Zulu warrior, and a Maasai girl. While young girls throughout the African Diaspora can relate to getting their hair braided in intricate styles, it is also an ancient ritual that is a large part of their history. Readers will enjoy going on an adventure with the main character and learning about the origins of popular braided hairstyles worn today.


If Rapunzel Were Rachelle

if rapunzel were rachelle, angela davis, 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Angela Davis

If Rapunzel Were Rachelle is a beautiful story that seeks to promote self-love, confidence, and liberation. Rachelle has beautiful, bouncy, coily, and curly hair, so her story is slightly different when the little old witch comes to visit. You will be amazed to find out what Rachelle can do with her beautiful gift of hair. Rachelle’s “twist” to solving her problem is one of a kind. The extraordinary illustrations of Rachelle’s story will keep you wanting more. This is a satisfying rendition of the fairy tale Rapunzel, that is long overdue. Readers will love the shapes and sizes of Rachelle’s hair. If Rapunzel Were Rachelle is sure to be a favorite on the bookshelf.


 I Love My Hair 

i love my hair, natasha tarpley, 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Natasha Tarpley

In this imaginative, evocative story, a girl named Keyana discovers the beauty and magic of her special hair, encouraging black children to be proud of their heritage and enhancing self-confidence.


My Big Natural Hair

my big natural hair, cj baker, 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

C.J. Baker 

Amara is a sweet little girl with hair as BIG, natural, and as beautiful as can be! Learn her weekly natural hair routine, as she continues to embrace what makes her unique. Amara encounters others who aren't used to seeing different hair styles and textures like her own. Experience the story of a bold, young girl, who is proud of who is, and the natural hair she was born with!


Emi's Curly Coily Cotton Candy Hair (Indie pub)

emis curly coily cotton candy hair 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Emi is a creative 7-year-old girl with a BIG imagination. In this story Emi shares a positive message about her Curly, Coily, Cotton Candy Hair and what she likes most about it. The vibrant illustrations and fun story teach basic natural hair care techniques and tips in a playful and memorable way.


Penny and The Magic Puffballs - Book 1 

penny and the magic puffballs, 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Alonda Williams

Penny wanted to wear her hair "down" like all of the other girls in her class. She wondered why her friends had long straight hair and she did not. Feeling different made her feel sad. Penny's mom assured her that her hair is perfect. Just because her hair is different from her friends hair, it didn't mean that it was bad. Penny's mom decides to style her hair in puffballs, magic puffballs. Penny learns though a series of fun adventures, that wonderful and magical things happen when she wears her puffballs. Join Penny as she discovers the magic of her puffballs.


I Am A Natural Cutie (indie pub)

i am a natural cutie, 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Pam Brown

Phoenix is excited about her big afro puffs on the first day of kindergarten. After hearing the other girls make fun of her puffs, she is ready to go home. She will soon learn just what it means to be a Natural Cutie!


Furqans Flat Top

furqans flat top, 25 black childrens books that celebrate black hair

Robert Trujillo

Furqan Moreno wakes up and decides that today he wants his hair cut for the first time. His dad has just the style: a flat top fade! He wants his new haircut to be cool but when they get to the barbershop, he's a bit nervous about his decision. He begins to worry that his hair will look funny, imagining all the flat objects in his day to day life. Before he knows it, his haircut is done and he realizes that his dad was right-Furqan's first flat top is the freshest!


I Love My Cotton Candy Hair 

i love my cotton candy hair 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Charlie is a caring, funny and friendly little girl. Like all children she's beginning to face the struggles that we all go through with finding ourselves and trying to fit in. Follow this series as she learns and grows, and realizes there is nothing better than loving yourself and being happy just the way you are! In the first book of the series, I LOVE My Cotton candy Hair! Charlie rhymes her way into your heart with her perspective on the many goods and bads associated with her naturally curly "cotton candy hair" and finishes by saying "I love my hair and everything that comes with it." The book is uplifting and fun for all children, but particularly young African American girls who are under a constant barrage of images of what the media identifies as beautiful or "good hair


I Have Good Hair

i have good hair, queen k , 25 black childrens books that celebrate hair

Queen K

Join Jamal and Nayla as they take a journey across the world. On their journey, they see confident Boys and Girls with beautiful fun natural hair styles. New fun hairstyles that all Boys and Girls can try. Travel with the Natural Cool Kids and explore the great styles you and your friends can have.


My Mystical Magical Shrinking Hair

my mystical magic shrinking hair, 25 black childrens books that celebrate black hair

Crystal's Hair Shrinkage is Mystical and Magical. "Shhhh. I have a secret." Those words begin Crystal's story as she shares the motivational and confidential story of her beautifully natural and kinky, curly, softly coiled hair texture. Crystals story begins as a small baby. Her hair grows longer and she grows taller into a little girl. This is the perfect book to share with your daughter, niece, god child, cousins, and other little princesses that you want to engulf with pride for their naturally coiled and locked hair.  


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  • Happy Hair and Cool Cuts by Mechal Renee Roe would be great adds for boys and girls! And I’d be remiss not to mention my own, Zoe’s Bun. :-) Thanks for curating this list!


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