Celebrate the sillies { January 2018}

Hello all! I know it's been awhile since I've created one of these lists but i'm back! I decided to switch things up about this go around. I not only included our fun and silly days for January, but a few "Did you know facts?" and some books that will be releasing this month. Hopefully, we'll be adding a few to our shop soon :) The list of days to celebrate or acknowledge was compiled collectively by these sites -- Holiday insights/ National day calendar/ timeanddate /brownielocks .

{January 1st}

The last day of Kwanzaa - Imani (faith) 

Can I Touch Your Hair 

{January 2nd}

Science Fiction day

Let The Children March 

Betty Before X 

{January 3rd} J.R.R Tolkien Day - for my Lord of the Ring book lovers

{January 4th} National Spaghetti day / world braille day

{January 5th} National bird day

{January 6th} Cuddle up day 

{January 7th} Old rock day - Go discover! 

{January 8th} Bubble bath day

{January 9th}

static electricity day

I Am Loved 

Grandma's Purse 

{January 10th} Peculiar people day / bittersweet chocolate day

{January 11th} Learn your name in morse code day

{January 12th} Marzipan day

{January 13th} Eagle day / National Vision board day

{January 14th} Dress up your pet day

{January 15th} Martin Luther King Jr. Day / Hat day

{January 16th}

Appreciate a dragon day

 Hidden figures 

{January 17th} Muhammad Ali Birthday /Kid inventor day / Popeye day

{January 18th} Winnie the Pooh day

{January 19th} Popcorn day

{January 20th} Penguin awareness day

{January 21st} National hugging day / Squirrel appreciation day 

{January 22nd} Celebration of life day - Should be everyday, but anywho...Go live!


{January 23rd}

National pie day/ handwriting day

Shaking Things Up (14 young women who changed the world) 

{January 24th} National peanut butter day

{January 25th} Opposite day

{January 26th} National peanut brittle day

{January 27th} National chocolate cake day

{January 28th} National kazoo day

{January 29th} National puzzle day

{January 30th}

Croissant day

Marley Dias Gets It Done 

The Word Collector 

{January 31st} Inspire your heart with art day/ Jackie Robinson birthday



Did you know? 
Stone - Garnet
Flower - carnation
Zodiac signs - Capricorn and Aquarius 
National Mentoring month
In 1963 - Harvey Gantt was the first african american to be admitted into Clemson university. 

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