Update 12.21.19 Revisiting this post in the middle of this transition is somewhat hopeful. Do we close down Mocha Books for good?! 



I have been inspired! I have put my pride (and previous heartbreak) aside and have decided to take another shot at crowdfunding. Here's are 3 reasons why...

1. I've learned my lesson - several. With the first campaign there wasn't enough research. I was passionately and tremendously excited about this new venture but honestly, there wasn't enough work behind the campaign.  Yes, I had a goal, but I did not "have all my ducks in a row" as I assumed. This caused me to  kick off the campaign prematurely. 

2. Why not? I not only feel, but know, that I have the tools to succeed. So why not give it another shot? I was advised to "not let my setback set me back" and I will not. No loans - just us! 

3. The community needs this! The most important reason above all other reasons. There is NO one in my community, in Tulsa that is pushing this. There is not one business or bookstore, owned by a Black bookworm, that only stocks & highlight books with characters of color; by authors of color. 

Although Mocha Books is a for profit business most of our resources, events, and other programs were created non profit - like the literacy club.


"Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything."


Having Mocha Books available  and more accessible to the community is a need that must be met. The goal is to make reading fun again, or for the 1st time. Mocha Books has the opportunity to make an impact in the community and with your help I hope to succeed. 

So, there it is! I can do this...WE can do this! We can make this happen and change the attitude that there is about reading being boring or a chore. If you are interested in helping Mocha Books bring this to fruition...Let's get the ball rolling!! 

Here's what you can do, right now, FOR FREE! Spread the word!! 


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