BOOK REVIEW: The Summer Of Chances - Movement 1

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


Author: Tracey Jackson 

Young adult/adult urban fiction


SYNOPSIS: Donovan Jordan is a young and handsome Jazz Band director navigating a career in education in a new and challenging city. Yearning for change (and a few extra dollars), he forms a Jazz/R&B band with his friends. Managing the band, his career and love life with an "on again off again" girlfriend gets intense when a strikingly beautiful co-worker makes her intentions known. Will Donovan realize his purpose through faith and perseverance or choose to play it safe?



REVIEW: The plot was refreshing. Real life scenarios of down-to-earth characters. The Summer of Chances is  urban novel that centers around a band director who wants to make changes in his life personally and professionally. A male perspective of a college graduate, following his dreams, facing the challenges of single life vs a committed relationship, all the while finding strength in his brotherhood and his music.

I found the character's dialogue to be a challenging at times, but not overwhelming, and it didn't take away from the story. 

There are two intermissions in the story where the author briefly takes the focus off the main character and places us into the lives of two other characters. I would have rather these been in past tense rather than present...unless, the two characters will be "seen" more in movement 2. 

My favorite chapter would have to be the last chapter, chapter 17. Family, wisdom, clarity - the perfect ending. Towards the end I started to get nervous as I noticed the amount of pages I had left to read. I wasnt sure what was about to take place and where we would leave off at, but the author did not disappoint. 

My favorite character (aside from Donovan) would have to be Earl.  Everyone needs that older, laid back but wise (and not to mention hilarious) confidant and that was Earl. 

If I had to pick a quote (from the book) that would set the mood for the book, it would be this - "when you walk into the man you become, everything will follow." 

I'm sure we will all get that point in our lives where this quote makes sense.

Overall, this was an amazing summer read! I would recommend The Summer of Chances and look forward to reading Movement 2. 


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