Book Review: The Sister Keepers book series

I had the pleasure of collaborating with author, Anise Marshall and was sent a copy of book 1 and book 2 for an honest review and feature with Mocha Books. You may soon see these books listed on this site for purchase so look out for future updates. 



About The Sister Keepers

The Sister keepers’ is a book series about the adventures and life lessons that a group of sisters learn over time. Each sister is unique and beautiful in her own way. The books and business are based around the daughters of Shanin and Anise Marshall.  Shanise, Alysse, Alyssa, Alana and Shannon are The Sister Keepers™. They are unique, tenacious and boisterous, to say the least. Each book will leave you with a life lesson. Diversity and multicultural awareness is important and we intend to bring awareness throughout the series. This book series will reach youth ages 2-16

Through this book series, and 5 Royal Sisters Publishing, LLC, she (author) hopes to educate teachers, parents, students and communities about the importance of having the "difficult" conversations and including ALL people, no matter what culture or religion they belong to. Anise also raises awareness in communities for children who face adversity because of bullying and disabilities. 

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Book 1 - We Are All Unique And Meaningful To This World
Published March 2018



In book 1, from The Sister Keepers book series, the sister keepers are challenged to value one another and share their gifts. In the process, they discover what it means to encourage and counsel someone else. We discover, how they become: "The Sister Keepers.".




Right away the author makes an impression by encouraging one to not only know their strengths, but to recognize others as well. Each sister was instructed to show and guide another sister by drawing, singing, teaching to read, and color. They were all loving and caring of one another. My favorite part about the books was that the dad encouraged them to deal with conflict in a healthy way, as you see in the picture above. Most often in books we see/read that the mother does this. 


Book 2 - A Sister With A Disability is A Sister With A Superpower
Published June 2018

In this touching story, Shannon learns to communicate an important message to her peers about the importance of pushing past stigmas, related to being a person with a disability. 
From her parents, family, and teacher Shannon (and other characters in the story) are consistently encouraged and praised throughout the story to believe in themselves and show acceptance and love with people who may look or live differently than they do. Shannon values her treasure box with an important message inside from her sisters that "your disability does not define you. You matter to this world." This was a thoughtful idea that can be used in any home or even school.
You can also purchase your own treasure box on the sister keepers website to go along with the books
One part of the book that I feel would've been helpful was to understand Shannon's disability in the beginning. I was a bit confused until the end where it was revealed. 


Overall, The Sister Keepers book series provides an important message in both books that are inclusive, diverse. This series touches on the importance of love, family, and the importance of building confidence. 
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