BOOK REVIEW: Princess for Hire

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own or that of my team. 

Synopsis: Not all princesses live in big castles on the hill and wear sparkly crowns. In fact, not all princesses are born into royal style. Yuri is a young girl who has always wondered what it would be like to be a real princess. Her royal fantasies just may come true after she sees a sign that reads “Princess for Hire.” She knows she has all the great qualities, but with so many other girls with the same dream as her, will she get her chance to prove herself to the king and queen? By the end of this rhyming picture book, Yuri learns that becoming the princess means more to her than she could ever imagine. When she’s adopted by the royal family she gets what she always wanted deep down inside, a family to call her own. This imaginative story will teach young girls that princesses come in all kinds, and if you dream big enough, dreams really do come true. 

Age Group: 3-8 
Author: K.L. Hall
Illustrator : Mariel G
Publication date: June 30, 2018
In Princess For Hire, this rhyming tale comes from the viewpoint of a young girl named Yuri, who wonders if she can become the next princess of her town. After seeing a note that read, princess for hire, Yuri packs her things and heads to the palace in hopes that she will become the next princess. 
Does Yuri have the qualities that a princess should have? 
I had 2 major thoughts when reading this book. 
1. Midway I realized that Yuri was probably an orphan.
2. The book reminded me of Annie (no, not the one with Aileen Queen, but Quvenzhané Wallis)
Princess For Hire is a beautiful tale about self-discovery, self-esteem and family. This story paired with the illustrations of Mariel G. will be the perfect story for the little princess in your life.
This story was read to a 6 and 8 year old and here are their thoughts...
6 year old
"The book was great"
"How old is she?"
"She can't live by herself" 
8 year old
" At first, I thought she was a princess already and wanted to hire someone else" 
"This could be me" 
"If I could change anything, I would change the lonely parts and I would make it longer."
Beware: A small warning that a story like this (just as I felt with the movie Annie) could be a trigger for children who may have lost their parents or who are foster children. 
Meet the author: K.L. Hall
National bestselling author K.L. Hall is best known for her In the Arms of a Savage trilogy. She is also the author of Diary of a Hood Princess, Built for a Savage and over a dozen other novels. As a serial storyteller, Hall pens enthralling love stories intertwined with the grittiness of urban fiction. Her writing style is a fusion of eminently relatable female characters like Sydney Tate and Raquel Valentine, and the flawed, yet desirable male leads who love them, like Law Calloway and Justice Silva.
 At a young age, she found her passion in a pen and knew that writing would continue to be a vital part of her life from that point forward. After becoming infatuated with the intricate genre of urban fiction, Hall made her childhood dream a reality and self-published her first short story in 2013. Since then, the Virginia native has been featured in blog and radio interviews, press articles and acknowledged as a top urban fiction author of 2016 by the Urban Books, Authors and Writers of America.
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