BOOK REVIEW: Jade's Journey: The Newness

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


Jade's journey the newness julieann t randall

Details: 84 pages \ recommended for age 7-12 years \ published August 2018

Synopsis: Jade Johnson is a vibrant eleven-year-old who reluctantly moves from a small town in Memphis, Tennessee to the Big Apple of New York City. Quickly she acknowledges the major differences and realizes her life will never be the same. Leaving all that she has known behind, Jade embarks on a new and unknown journey filled with excitement, anxiety and new friends.

jade's journey the newness mocha books review

Review: Jade's Journey is an impactful and relatable story for youth who have or will experience moving to a new state, school, home or other adolescent transitions. Although Jade is extremely reluctant (even locking herself in her room) to move she slowly begins to adjust to life in New York. 

She loves to eat so she takes comfort in the trying new food that her mom ordered their first day home and even joining a new neighbor for dinner. The big conflict of it all is that not only does she have to move to a new state and home away from everything she's ever know, she's having trouble making friends. 

A memorable quote from the story read, " Complaining only slows down the process of completing a task." 

Jade's Journey is a great book for a youth book club. Jade is pretty mature for her age and has supportive parents. It may be key to the reader that in this story she tells the story, but it's as if she is talking to the reader. Most narratives simply tell a story. A great addition is that the author includes discussion questions, a glossary, and activities in the back of the book. 

How have you dealt with change? What advice would you give to Jade or another youth? 


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