|Book Review| I'm A Big Sister/I'm A Big Brother

{Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of the book(s) in exchange for an honest an unbiased review. The opinions in this review are that of my own and/or of my children.}


"Told through the eyes of a new older brother/sister, this colorful rhyming picture book is the perfect gift to help any little boy/girl prepare for the arrival of a new baby sibling." 


The covers are quite adorable. First, my daughter and I read I'm A Big brother. I appreciated the rhyming in the book. It is also one of the first things my 7 year old daughter will point out as she tries to guess the next word. Then, I read I'm A Big Sister. What I was not expecting was for the books to be identical. Except for the first page in I'm A Big Sister, both books are exactly the same. Although I like the story, I didn't necessarily like the repetition in both books. I wanted more. What I wanted more of... I am not sure :).

As one who works with young children, I love the learning concepts in the book. Children can recognize the differences between an older sibling and a younger one. Tall/short, big/small and that the shirts are in red and in blue. The book also shows that they will protect the baby (by watching from afar) and in the end it reassures big brother/big sister that they are loved as mom comes in and kisses the sibling goodnight. 

I am an older sibling (of many) and my children are 4 years apart so I know how important of a job being an older sibling is. I didn't always like (and i'm sure my children don't either haha), but they are those moments when become a proud older sibling. It's not only important, but it can be exciting as well. If you are preparing an older sibling to meet the arrival of a younger one, keep them involved as much as they can. Especially during the pregnancy so that they know early on how important and exciting it will be to be a big sister/ brother. Not only that they will feel included with the arrival. 

This is a great gift for a sibling, recommended up to 6 or 7. I would give this book 4 stars, only because of the repetition between the two. If I had to base my review off of only one book, I would rate the book 5 stars :) 


About the author

Crystal Swain-bates saw a need and she filled it by creating several children's books that represent people of color. She is also the owner of the publishing company of this book, Goldest Karat Publishing, LLC. She creates books and other products that black children can be proud of and relate to. 

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