BOOK REVIEW | Dark Shades of the American Dream

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 


darker shades of the american dream

Details: 75 pages \ Published March 2018 

SynopsisAdolescent, black, and poor, Oba George grapples with evading the devious potholes that line ghetto streets. Illicit drugs, tense run-ins with law enforcement, and overwhelming despair threaten his dream of becoming a medical doctor. His lack of money and societal respect continually remind him why he should endure during his bleak journey. But he soon finds that there are other, invisible impediments hindering his journey to the American Dream.

“Are you like a doctor doctor?” 
“We would prefer someone else.” 
“Where’s the other doctor?” 
These are just some of the inquiries that would abruptly make Oba consider his race.
Darker Shades of the American Dream is a raw, insightful, and thought-provoking memoir. Written in vivid and visceral anecdotes, it exposes the reader to several authentic, racially provocative events that illuminate the perpetual obstacles to minority success.

darker shades of the american dream

Review: What is the American dream? For some, it's to successfully make it out of poverty with a lifelong career. For others, it may be the family, 2 kids and white picket fence. For George, it was both. Darker Shades of the American Dream was a quick and interesting read. In this memoir Dr. Oba George recalls 13 events, from the streets of Norcross, Georgia to the halls of a hospital.

An important quote from the book read, " I foolishly believed that sacrificing my youth and dedicating my life to learning to care for the ailing would not only garner societal respect but perhaps even collective acceptance." 

The dream was to become a doctor and be respected. George realized that even as a doctor, for some held no merit. Why? Because before he is a doctor, the hard and devastating truth is that he is looked upon as a black man, first. 

There is one pivotal event where I became invested and ecstatic - the day he was accepted into medical school and the connection made with the receptionist. I would have liked the story to flow a bit more from the chapters, and there are some events that I would have liked to know more about. Aside from this, I would recommend Darker Shades of the American Dream.  

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