Book Review : Daddy, Did You Hear The News?

Sanya Whittaker Gragg MSW is pushing full steam ahead with her second and latest book, Daddy, Did you Hear The News. This is just one year after releasing her debut book, Momma, Did You Hear The News? 

Synopsis: Twins Kaleb & Kennedi are frustrated about all the recent bullying at their school. They take their concerns to their Dad who teaches them a chant reminding them of the power they already have within. B to the U to the L-L-Y, when they go low then we go high!

When books about diversity are mentioned, this book should be listed as it not only discusses bullying, but social, family and gender (norms), as well as race.

This family openly and gently discusses how one can bully a person and what a bystander can do to stand up to bullying. 

A reminder and chant: B to the U to the LLY
B - be yourself at all times
U - unite and stand together
L - look for warning signs
L - love the skin you're in
Y - you can be the difference. 

In this book, Sanya continues to reach even her youngest readers on challenging topics with its rhythmic pattern of storytelling. This duo (author, Sanya Whittaker Gragg MSW and Illustrator, Kim Holt) is courageously continuing to bring forth children's literature that spark positive conversation on tough topics (such as bullying and police brutality) between adults and children - or even their peers. 

How do you discuss bullying and prevention in your home, school, and/or community? 


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