Disclaimer: I was given a copy of these two books (from the illustrator) in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Both are penned by Danual Berkley & Illustrated by Amariah Rauscher



DETAILS: 36 pages \ target audience 3-7 \ published April 23, 2018

OVERVIEW:  Davy’s Pirate Ship Adventure is a children’s book with a twist. The guardian of earth, an alien kid that goes by the name of Pip Squeak gives Davy the ability to create magical things. Davy builds a magical pirate ship so he and his family can search for gold, but no adventure ever goes as planned! They run into a couple of obstacles that will put Davy’s magical pirate ship to the test. So, hop on board and sail the seas with Davy’s family and friends and experience a magical adventure like never before!

1st Impression: The creativity, imagination & the family scene fit together perfectly. This author is definitely changing the narrative through his work. 


COMMENTARY: Davy and his crew heads out on an adventure to find gold when they are faced with not one, but two challenges. Davy and his crew pulls together to face these obstacles and find the gold...just in time before bath time was over. I thought about whether or not I would share that part of the story but it's just too good of a scene not too - you'd have to get the book for that part! 

THEMES: Adventure, imagination, family, tenacity

LESSON: stay the course! 






DETAILS: 48 pages \ target audience 3-7 \ published June 7, 2019

OVERVIEWThere's a monster in Baby Kai’s closet, and he is determined to get out! In this story, Baby Kai, who has seen his fair share of dangerous adventures with his big brudder Davy and friends, must face this danger alone. Unfortunately, unlike his big brudder Davy, Baby Kai has yet to be granted super powers and must face his fears without them.


1st Impression: The sweetest, cutest, story

COMMENTARY: The story is surprising - PLOT TWIST! When you hear the word monster what are some words that come to mind? Mean, big, and scary? But what do we really know about monsters if we've never actually seen one? 

Baby Kai is scared of the monster in his closest that no one else in his family believes is real. No only is he real, but once he is completely of the closet he wants something that baby Kai has. What do you think it is??

THEMES: Friendship, imagination, family.

LESSON: Don't judge a book by it's cover...or trust secondhand information without research. 

*In the back of this book there is also a word search and coloring page!


Overall, I believe that this amazing duo (author and illustrator) are doing an amazing job to show and share diversity - did you check out the dad's tats? - and spark creativity. The adventures are sure to be a journey for the reader & company! Imagine the love and brilliance floating around a classroom or home, or even outside, before, during and after reading this story? 

If you could set out on an adventure, where would you go and who are you bringing?


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