Book Review: Bloom: A Journey to Self-Love

I have went back and forth with myself about whether I should share my review of this book on the blog. Aside from sharing on my personal social media pages, I had not planned on sharing my thoughts on this book, in this space.

But lately, I have been wanting to take Mocha Books in a different direction. I want to create a space to include all age groups. Bloom is the perfect way to kick off this new direction.

So, here it goes... Once again, praises and thanks to author, Brittany Traveste for sending this book to me. 

SynopsisManifested from the seed of reflection, Bloom is one woman's restorative quest toward love-of the internal sort. Through bare as bones poems, narrative essays, and brief meditations, it proves to be healing for you, too, if you've ever looked upon yourself and cringed at the not so beautiful. Bloom seeks release and acceptance. It is an act of utter vulnerability with the hope of giving you freedom to sprout gracefully into your most magical self, understanding that every experience, lapse in judgment, and fall from grace has led you right back to you. In Bloom you'll recall that yours is the love that you've been searching for all along. You were planted for this.


Before I even had a chance to dive inside I was mesmerized by the cover artwork of this book. As a woman, and reflecting on the journey that I have taken thus far...Wow! How could you not be taken back by it? I have mentioned several times over my personal social media pages that this is simply "a beautiful work of art" . In this collection of poetry and prose, the author has a way with words in such a way that your spirit is filled. You may cry, you may smile, you may feel rage (not so much) , but trust that you will definitely feel something. 

The more I read this, the more I saw my own journey. As one who has kept a diary/journey since as far back as I can remember (maybe 12 or 13) and let me tell you... and the only way I could feel any sort of release was to write. Anyone, any young lady or woman will feel a connection to this no matter where you are currently in your journey. From seed to full bloom, Brittany touches it all. 


(Image via author's facebook)

To grab a copy of this book or to learn more about the author please click here.



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