Bedtime Storytime

Summer Jackson - All Grown Up. One of my daughters favorite books to read. What started off as a ploy to prevent bedtime, has now become a family favorite in our household. Bedtime story time!! A few years ago my son had a tough time falling asleep in his room. So, we came up with "10 minutes, lights out." They could read or color for 10 minutes and then we would say our good-nights. Genius idea! I wish I could take the credit, but the kiddos won this round. Every night I would go in his room and he would be asleep, with a book on his chest or somewhere close by. As a parent (especially a mom, a highly sensitive mom at that) my smile had to have been one of the widest smiles I've had to date. I could have possibly cried, who knows. I would definitely add pictures here if he would let me :/

Over the years our bedtime routine has been through some changes. Now, my daughter was having a tough time sleeping. So, I started reading her stories before bed. I can picture someone reading this and thinking, "You mean you weren't one of those parents who had always read to her children consistently? Gasp!" Unfortunately, no I wasn't at the time. we're here and I must say that it has evolved over the years and the stories seem to be getting LONGER! Is this another ploy to prevent bedtime? I love reading with my children. We've bonded, I've gotten to see their personalities shine through the books that they choose and to top it off, they have become great readers. Can I just say though, this mama is TIIIED. That is not incorrect. That is just how tired I really am these days. After working as much as I do and taking care of everything that needs to be taken care, I kind of cringe when I am brought a terribly long book to read. I may or may not kindly suggest another option maybe. 

Nonetheless, this is a time I know that I cannot get back with my children. So, when I see the book that they bring, that I prefer NOT to read. Or when I hear one of them say, "can you read us another bedtime story, mama?" I take a deep breath and I read the story. 2 book minimum though. I have to draw the line somewhere ya know?



  • My daughter is not even 1.5 yrs old and already says “book!” After I finish each one, asking for another. And I’m like nooo it’s bed time :)

    Lauren Popp
  • Aw so cute! My kids try to use books as a way to avoid bedtime too! I know what you mean by being one tired mommy and I totally feel ya on the book length lol two book minimum is a must!

    Kia of
  • This looks cute! Thanks for the recommendation and get some sleep!


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