Book Review: Ahni and Her Dancing Secret

I was provided a copy of this book to provide an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Ahni and Her Dancing Secret
Published in 2016


Ahni dreams of being a prima ballerina so she joins Madam Sabina's dance school. But her spirit is soon broken when she discovers that the other students are far more advanced than she is and not as friendly as she expected. This charming story depicts the journey of little Ahni from an unsure hopeful to a confident dancer, by discovering the secret to success with the help of wise Madam Sabina.

A heartfelt story about not giving up on yourself. Ahni loved to dance and was excited about dance class, but when the other dancers challenge her confidence she's not sure if she wants to continue. That's where Madam Sabina intervenes and gives her a special secret to help her perform and keep going. An important lesson for all ages and written for young readers to actually comprehend the lesson with one simple secret - Say and DO! 

Jeff Vernon captured Shereen's vision beautifully. It has a style that I don't usually see often. The font is a nice size for young readers and the rhyming flow will keep everyone engaged, even the adults. 

Although Ahni is a girl this book is great for both girls and boys. Afterall, it's about the message behind the story. 


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