Sharice Rascoe

Shaina’s World: My Family and Autism

BOOK DETAILS: I wrote a middle-grade chapter book for kids, called Shaina’s World: My Family and Autism, that is loosely based off of my life growing up as a child having two siblings diagnosed with autism. I know my target audience is tweens (kids aged 8-12) and the book is only about 100 pages, but I know some adults will enjoy the story as well. It was released on April of this year and it’s my first book so I’m feeling very excited and I’m proud of the work I’ve done. 


Author - Sharice Rascoe


SHARICE: My family inspired me to write this story. I know there are other kids who are feeling the same way I felt growing up and I wanted to them to have a book they could read and hopefully relate to. Having a sense of support is important for kids growing up like I did, so I wanted them to see they weren’t alone. I also wanted children who don’t have that same experience to read it and gain a better understanding of what it’s like to have family members with special needs. 

SHARICE: One of the most difficult aspects for me was the editing process. I’ve had several editors help me out with it, but I still found myself going back into the manuscript and adding more things to the story and changing some of the edits that were made because I didn’t feel they were necessary. Working with my illustrator was another difficult obstacle, and that took several months to complete. She had to keep making adjustments to the same illustration several times so that it looked the way I wanted it to. I’m very meticulous so I know it was tough for her, but she hung in there and got the job done so I’m grateful for that. 

SHARICE: My overall goal was to help bring more Autism Awareness. I want people to learn more about autism and the struggles that families that have relatives with special needs face daily. It’s important to me that kids who don’t know much about autism read this so they can start developing empathy towards others that are different from them at an early age. Hopefully, adults will also read it with their kids and gain a better understanding about people with special needs and how it impacts the whole family. 

SHARICE: Before Covid-19 hit, I had a business as a professional face painter for kids' birthday parties and events. Now, I'm just home reading and learning how to cook different recipes. Until everything opens back up again and goes back to normal that's been pretty much it. 

SHARICE: I've read so many different stories so it's hard to say which author is my favorite. I'm more into informative books now and the classics, but when I was younger I read a lot of Shakespeare in school so I'll just go with him. Reading one of his plays always intrigued me.

SHARICE: Yes, I’m currently writing a second book that will be a continuation of my first one. Hopefully I'll be ready to publish it in the year 2022.

Lastly, where can readers purchase Shaina’s World?
SHARICE: You can purchase Shaina’s World here

Thank you Sharice for sharing with Mocha Books and our readers.