Njeri Maldonado


Mama Didn't Raise This Woman

BOOK DETAILS296 pages, target audience: ages 14+; those who have been raised with absentee mothers; single fathers; grandparents raising grand children; and loved ones who wish to understand children of absentee mothers. Mama Didn't Raise This Woman is the story of a girl finding her way throughout various stages of her life with an emotionally and physically absent mother. In a time when the absentee father epidemic served as the blame for society’s woes, Naja constantly wondered why she felt rejected considering she was not among the
popular "statistic." As she aged, Naja learned more about why her mother could not love her as she needed. Yet, she never resolved why she was required to do without the one person she believed could redeem her. After years of questioning her place in a world where her own mother rejected her, Naja learns that her testimony will help other motherless children navigate through life knowing that they do indeed belong.


Author, Njeri Maldonado was interviewed August 6, 2019. We suggested several questions related to the author and her journey as a writer. Here are 5 of those questions and answers. 

What Inspired you to write, Mama Didn't Raise This Woman?

I found myself frequently being encountered by or discovering the stories of other motherless children. During those encounters, I reflected on my upbringing and began to repeat some of the same stories. I didn't think that I had all the answers but came to understand that I had something to offer others like me. Too often children of absentee mothers feel alone - knowing that perceived "mom bashing" would not be welcomed in most circles. We know that mothers do A LOT and are celebrated for their tireless efforts and thankless sacrifices made for their children, but we want everyone to know about the tireless efforts and thankless scarifies we are required to make when navigating through life without a mother. We also want to be able to celebrate the loved ones who don't necessarily understand our anxieties but are willing to love us nonetheless.

What are you hoping that people gain from reading your book?

I hope that my book is a conversation starter. I want to bring awareness to the absentee mother epidemic and to give voice to those of us who've felt for so long that our stories are not appreciated. We struggle with feeling that we belong or feeling that we don't deserve love. People should have the opportunity to understand that.

What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

I would tell an aspiring writer to write their absolute truth. Whether its non-fiction or fiction, writers should write their heart as it comes to their head and worry about editing later.

If you were given the opportunity to form a bookclub with you favorite authors, which 3 writers would you they be?

Toni Morrison, Zora Neale Hurston, and Alice Walker.

Have you always wanted to be a writer? Why or why not?

I didn't. I never thought I had a story to tell until I realized that mine wasn't being told.

Here's a random, "would you rather" question for fun. Would your rather visit the future or the past?

I would like to visit the past. I have A LOT of questions I never asked.

Lastly, where can readers purchase a copy of Mama Didn't Raise This Woman? 

A copy can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle and audible.