Evan J. Roberts





Share, Share, Share
24 pages
Pre-k through Kindergarten
Published 2019

Description: Share, Share, Share is an emotionally intelligent story about a child's reluctance to share and the gentle reminder of a parent about the importance of giving others a chance




Evan J. Roberts


What or who inspired you to write Share, Share, Share? 

  • EVAN: Most parents and educators of young children have had a child or two struggle with sharing. As the father of an only child, I was inspired to write this story because I think it's a little harder for a lone child to learn to share and avoid being selfish.


  • EVAN: The biggest challenge was keeping the story short and to the point, while instilling a message about the value of sharing


What do you hope for readers to take away from Share, Share, Share?

  • EVAN: I hope readers take away from the story the child remembering what his parent told him each time it was time to play.


  • EVAN: When I'm not writing, I enjoy spending time with my son, going outdoors, reading, and playing games.


  • EVAN: My favorite author is Kadir Nelson. He's mostly known for his illustrations, but I admire his talent both as a writer and artist.


  • EVAN: Yes! The Khahari Jr series is a brand new series. We have 7 hardcover books, 7 coloring books, and we're working on lessons that are aligned with early learning standards, so that teachers can use our books in their classrooms or parents for homeschooling.


Where can readers purchase Share, Share, Share?

  • EVAN: Copies can be purchased EJRBOOKS


Thank you Evan Roberts for sharing your story with Mocha Books and our readers.