Ceece Kelley

 Dear Mamas Loving Arms


BOOK DETAILSDear Mama's Loving Arms is a touching story about the importance of a mother's embrace and the joy it brings to children, told from the witty perspective of a child. This book is a reminder to all mothers to stop and enjoy the bond we share with our children even when it is most challenging, like those days where all your baby wants is to be held. Despite longing for Dear Mama's embrace, Baby learns to defeat the big, bad daily nap time separation by joining Dear Mama in adventurous safari dreams inspired by Baby's stuffed giraffe pal, Raffie.

32 pages

ages 0-4

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Author - Ceece Kelley


What or who inspired you to write, Dear Mama’s Loving Arms?

CEECEI wrote this book as an uplifting and witty spin on my experiences as a new mom with a colicky baby. I first thought of the idea on one of my sleepless nights when I was up into the wee hours of the morning comforting my son. I started to imagine his perspective of not being able to talk to me and how his cries guaranteed sweet comfort. In the story, Baby overcomes the big, bad daily nap time by joining his Dear Mama in adventurous safari dreams inspired by his stuffed giraffe pal, Raffie. Writing this story made me smile and helped me to look back on those sleepless nights or all the time he spent in my arms much more fondly.


What challenges did you face while writing Dear Mama’s Loving Arms?

CEECE: True to the storyline, my son could only sleep in my arms for the first few months after his birth. So much of this story was written with him in a baby sling up against my chest. 


What do you hope for readers to take away from Dear Mama’s Loving Arms?

CEECE: I hope this book is a reminder to all mothers and caretakers to enjoy even the toughest days with your little ones because one day you will look back at them and smile. For me, my son is now on the move crawling and attempting to walk. While I don't miss the sleepless nights I do miss all of the cuddles. I still get them but a little less now that he is so active. 


What do you like to do when you're not writing?

CEECE: Getting outdoors, traveling pre-COVID, and trying new restaurants!



Who is your favorite author and why?

CEECE: Growing up I really enjoyed the Junie B. Jones series so for that I would say Barbara Park. I related to Junie's sassy attitude and always had fun following her hijinks.


Are you currently working on anything that you would like to share with our readers? If not, do you plan to write and publish more books?

CEECE: I mentioned I really liked Junie B. Jones growing up. I wanted to create a strong Black female elementary-age character that I would have resonated with even better at that age. So, next month I can't wait to introduce you to her. She is sweet, spunky, and ever-so-bubbly. Follow @soaringkitebooks for the announcement in October.



Lastly, How can readers purchase this book?

CEECE: You can purchase Dear Mama’s Loving Arms on the website SoaringKitebooks.com

    Thank you Ceece for chatting with Mocha Books and our readers.